Lizzie + Tommy

In early March of 2016, one of my dear friends Tommy Hiltz called me and told me that he was proposing to one of my best friends in the world, Lizzie Ernstberger. I thought that the proposal would be happening sometime that summer, or maybe in the fall, but no. Tommy, being the master planner that he is, was planning the proposal of a lifetime for Lizzie in Paris at Christmas. After the initial shock wore off, we started discussing my role in proposal. Tommy was going to take Lizzie with him on a “business trip” and pulled out all the stops to make Lizzie believe that they were actually going there for work. He made an itinerary for their trip including meetings and business dinners, he had his boss write an email to him discussing the details for the trip, and so much more. I am horrible at surprises, a little like Sue from Saturday Night Live before a surprise party. So I had to go almost ten miserable months keeping this secret all to my self. Lizzie and I would discuss their future marriage all the time just wondering when he would finally pop the question. The good news is that Lizzie has now forgiven me for straight up lying to her face for so long.

Tommy hired Pictours Paris to take photos of the proposal at Notre Dame. And prepare yourself, these are going to take your breath away. They were on their way to one of those pesky “client dinners” and he said that Notre Dame was nearby and they should go take in the view before dinner. So here they are, two chic people just casually taking in Notre Dame before enjoying a night in Paris. And then Tommy got down on one knee and you could say that Lizzie was a little surprised.

Tommy and Lizzie spent the next few days enjoying their time in France and then headed home back to Birmingham to celebrate with their families right before Christmas. Tommy asked me to come to the airport to capture them reuniting with their families for the first time since getting engaged. Lizzie obviously didn’t know that their families would be there or that I was involved. We waited at the gate for them with signs and champagne in hand, and I think I even tried to start a slow clap at one point. Stories were told, tears were shed, and we all gawked at this new ring on Lizzie’s finger. What a sweet night that I will never forget.

Fast forward to now in April of 2017, and we are just counting down the days until their wedding. I can’t wait to stand by their side as they get married on September 16th. Congratulations to Tommy and Lizzie (future) Hiltz!


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