Jessi + Michael

I met Jessi Middlebrooks almost seven years ago at the University of Alabama. We actually both lived in our sorority house for a year where I really got to know her. Jessi was a couple of years older than me, and I was so excited to live on the same floor as her because I just wanted her to somehow rub off on me. You’re about to see it in these photos, but she is incredibly beautiful. Anyone can see that, but she is also incredibly smart and absolutely delightful to be around. She loves to laugh and she loves her family fiercely.

Let’s just say I was over the moon when she asked me to take her engagement photos. Her fiance, Michael Hogue, is equally just as wonderful. They have such a great chemistry and no matter what they’re doing, they constantly look like they could be filming a romantic comedy. Let’s just say that if I didn’t know them and saw these beautiful people getting their photos taken, I probably would have cautiously approached them and asked for an autograph.

I love how this session turned out, and I think you will too. The future Hogues are just so dreamy! Congratulations to Jessi and Michael, December can’t get here soon enough!

Jessi + Michael 194Jessi + Michael 248Jessi + Michael 237Jessi + Michael 70Jessi + Michael 599Jessi + Michael 384Jessi + Michael 375Jessi + Michael 322Jessi + Michael 161Jessi + Michael 583Jessi + Michael 838Jessi + Michael 49Jessi + Michael 748Jessi + Michael 627

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