Bird + Ames Proposal

Have you every been to Mooresville, Alabama? No matter what your answer is, it’s probably time to take a trip there. I traveled to this quaint small town to capture the sweetest proposal between Bird Sherrill and Ames Filippini, and I already want to go back. This town is full of history and Southern small town charm, and also happens to be Bird’s hometown.

Bird called me last month to tell me that he was proposing to his girlfriend of 6 years, Ames, the day after Christmas. I love Ames and her family and immediately knew this would be such a special day. Ames was so in shock and had no idea it was coming, which is the best kind of proposal in my book! I am so happy for them, and so honored that they included me in this huge milestone day.

Congratulations again, Bird and Ames!

Bird + Ames Proposal 2Bird + Ames Proposal 6Bird + Ames Proposal 3Bird + Ames Proposal 11Bird + Ames Proposal 5Bird + Ames Proposal 25Bird + Ames Proposal 21Bird + Ames Proposal 18Bird + Ames Proposal 27Bird + Ames Proposal 33Bird + Ames Proposal 78

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